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Surgery Mission Statement

Our Vision and Values:

  • To maintain the practice team and environment which are welcoming, caring and accessible for all our patients.
  • To treat our patients fairly and equally, and with dignity and respect.
  • To provide highly effective, efficient and safe healthcare services for our patients.
  • To listen, communicate and collaborate with patients effectively.
  • To offer evidence based effective primary care medical services, in collaboration with other stakeholders.

We Undertake:

  • To provide high quality healthcare for people of all ages and taking into account gender and ethnicity/language needs. Our philosophy is to treat people with respect, dignity and sensitivity.
  • All patients will be treated equally, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or ability.
  • To give you access to primary care services by providing adequate and convenient number of appointments, skill mix and a range of services.
  • To operate within NHS rules and boundaries.

We Expect Our Patients to:

  • We encourage our patients, who feel their experience falls below the above bar, to feedback to the practice manager, who will be happy to address your concerns. By the same token we would not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards staff, such as shouting, swearing, or threatening staff. In line with NHS policy, we operate a zero tolerance policy towards abusive behaviour.
  • Keep your appointment and/or let us know as soon as possible if you can’t attend.
  • Just as we would encourage you to tell us where we have failed, we would encourage you to tell us when we have done well.
  • Respect NHS boundaries and restrictions. Individual GPs cannot change regional policies such as bariatric surgery or infertility restrictions.