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A message from NHS Mid and South Essex

  • As you may be aware, NHS Mid and South Essex recently carried out a re-procurement exercise, which explored alternative providers of medical services (APMS) for five contracts in Thurrock and one in Shoeburyness, Southend. 
  • This process has now ceased. Instead, NHSE Mid and South Essex confirm that the current providers will continue to provide medical services for the patients they currently serve. 
  • We would like to reassure all patients that access to these medical services have been maintained and all services will continue to be accessible in the usual way. 
  • As part of the new arrangements, we will be working closely with these providers to define joint plans for service improvement.  These will be aimed at securing practical benefits of the kind that the original procurement was intended to achieve.  In short, to ensure that services continue to revolve around the needs of you, our patients.   
  • There is no need for existing patients to take any action, as GP services will continue to be accessed in the usual way.